Music and innovation

Kings of the Jingle

A Hive Member Spotlight As a creator, it’s easy to get so focused on one side of “the industry” that you lose sight of other business models or opportunities. This month’s Member Business Spotlight looks at a group of musicians who chose to operate in a rather uncommon part of the music industry. Lindani, Sipho and Mpumelelo provide ‘sound design’ …

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#MusicUnscripted: How To Become A Superstar Performer

The modern music business is no walk in the park. While the icons of past generations navigated a (relatively) simpler industry, today’s artists juggle multiple hustles, clever marketing, and a stroke of luck before finally breaking through noise. #MusicUnscripted – 25 Aug. 2018 With so many vying for the top spot, an established artist has to be on top of …

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