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While we’re no stranger to throwing parties, you’re more likely to know The Hive for our “conversation” or “discussion” type events. As a space for creative entrepreneurs, our talks may feature anything from startup-focused topics, to promotional events and the occasional burning topics. 

With a number of events hosted together, one of our close collaborators has become The FAM’s Tint Talks. We took a look at the growing conversation platform to see what all the talk is about.

IMAGES: The last time we attended a Tint Talk they were discussing Monogamy and Polygamy in the 21st Century.

<Watch the full talk on YouTube or Read the article on our Blog>

So, who invites a bunch of 20-somethings to sit in front of an audience and discuss how many romantic partners consenting adults should or could have? 

The FAM are in the business of planning events and creating media solutions. As an experiential agency, they’re always looking to collaborate with new partners or do new things. This is in addition to some of their homegrown staples like Tint Talks, Le Grand Ball and some ongoing social media campaigns.

From an observer’s perspective, some of Tint’s most refreshing features are:

  1. How naturally their topics connect with the African millennial.
  2. How the content manages to centre queerness in a way that doesn’t sound like they’re making documentaries or news reports about it.

“We started Tint Talks, an online queer talk show, to create relevant queer content for our community, which is respectful, inclusive, safe, liberating and representative of its people. “ – Mandima Qunta, Founder

Without going into statistics, it’s easy see how relatable representations can be liberating for Africa’s queer community. 

To date, Tint’s eye-opening discussions and social events are counted among some of the spaces the South African queer community can feel at home and welcome their allies to engage them in their true element. 

In adapting to 2020’s rapid social changes, Tint were quick to launch their ‘Queer Crush’ series – a weekly IG Live show where the audience gets to engage with the ‘queer crush’ of the week.

<Check it out on @tint_za’s Insta>

“Since we determine our success through attendance, getting a wonderful response is our motivation to keep going, as we know we’re positively impacting lives. “ – Mandima 




While we tried really hard not to spoil the entire Tint experience, we’d encourage you to check them out on social media (@tint_za) and the YouTube Channel that houses their conversation series.

When the streets do decide to open their cold, cold hearts to us – you can look forward to attending a LIVE recording of the series – which slaps so much harder before a night out at the Braam.

“ The show will always be free for the community as we need to create open safe spaces for everyone.  – Mandima 


Written by: Lungelo Hlela (I am Multeemedia) // Images taken by: @dayphotolife

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Lungelo Samkelo Hlela has won (Loerie, Bookmark & Creative Circle) awards for his work as a digital copywriter. With “nothing to share”; he has been a contributing writer on our blog since 2018.

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