The J&B Hive, 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein

Since the September launch of our dazzling new home, many people have started asking, “What actually happens at the J&B Hive?

To answer this, the creative business incubator/ accelerator opened its doors for the annual J&B Hive Showcase, a chance to show off their and tell the public more about what their programme offers. 

It seems what we’re doing, is just creating environments for people to make their dreams come true.  –Sibongile Musundwa, Director of the J&B Hive

By definition, an incubator is something that helps an organism grow. A business incubator promises to do the same for (you guessed it) businesses. But what does this growth mean? And how does our incubator go about doing this?

Push to start

Like any project, the first challenge of any business is getting started. 

By requiring a proof of concept, our recruitment process challenges entrepreneurs to really think out their idea. This could be any evidence of what your business does or produces, (e.g. A shop, platform or piece of content).

This first step pushes your business out of your head and into existence. Applying to our programme forces you to have a vision, a plan and tangible evidence that your idea means business.

“You need to plan. If there’s an ‘on’ season, what else will you tap into to keep going during ‘off’ season?” – Itumeleng Montso, From J&B Hive Member Business, Montso Solutions

Getting Off the Ground

While our programme does offer funding (where appropriate), a lot of new entrepreneurs soon realise that money is the least of their business’ worries. The rapid transition into a competitive business space forces your business to “sink or swim”.

Sometimes the problem is not capital. At times the issue could be poor customer service, a poorly thought-out business strategy or issues within your organisational structure. Learning to deal with these problems early will give your business the strength to support the growth you desire. 

In contrast, an over-reliance on capital disguises problems and leaves businesses vulnerable to being taken advantage of. 

“Not all problems are financial. Money is not always the answer.”  – Wandile, from J&B Hive member business IRunJozi

Business Support Programme

Our programme aims to offer everything a young entrepreneur needs to grow their business, including events like wellness days to reduce stress and curb burnout, as well as masterclasses about everything from branding, to admin and finance. 

In addition to this, a community of entrepreneurs provides an opportunity for collaboration – and some company on the long (often lonely) road of entrepreneurship.

Moving Entrepreneurship

The possible operations of a ‘Catalyst for Creative Entrepreneurs’ are as infinite as the scope of creativity itself. If you have a crazy idea, try to use some of the first steps to get started. 

Whether you join our next intake or work with us as a partner – we look forward to helping you grow your business.

Day 3 of the J&B Hive Showcase was held at Walk Fresh, Soweto (member business).

Our annual J&B Hive Showcase was a 3-day event to celebrate and showcase our member business’ achievements over the last year. Checkout the video below to see what really went down on the occasion.

Watch video:

If you’re ready to upgrade your hustle or bring your ideas to life, click below to join the J&B Hive Community. Our applications are open between 13 December 2019 and 3 January 2020.


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Written by: Lungelo Hlela (I am Multeemedia) // Images taken by: @dayphotolife

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Lungelo Hlela is a Digital Copywriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he’s not writing for brands, most of his work includes themes about social issues, history and popular culture. Follow him @lungelosam for more of his existentialist ramblings and romantic ideals.

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